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Welcome to Orillia Pet Hospital in Ontario!

For over four decades, Orillia Pet Hospital has been serving the community with unwavering commitment since 1978. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled veterinary care to dogs and cats, ensuring their well-being with excellence in the field. At our hospital, we see caring for your cherished companions as a partnership; working together, we can protect your feline or canine pal from illnesses and extend their life.

At Orillia Pet Hospital, we have invested in high-quality equipment that allows us to provide leading-edge monitoring of our patients during surgery, digital radiology, ultrasonography, and lab work. Our facility has its own laboratory where we can perform blood tests, fecal exams and urinalysis. We offer behavioural counselling, weight management, deworming, vaccinations, arthritis treatment, microchipping and so much more! To ensure the needs of our patients are met, we offer affordable and comprehensive health plans that are designed to keep your cat or dog happy and healthy.

We value the trust that we’ve built with our clients and will continue to exceed their expectations. The comfort and safety of your loyal companion will always be our main priority and we will offer the best care to your cherished companion no matter what. Orillia Pet Hospital is proud to be accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association which inspects everything from cleanliness to the standards of veterinary facilities. Being an AAHA hospital shows you just how important exceptionally high veterinary standards are to our team.

To schedule an appointment for your cat or dog, feel free to call us at 705-325-4224.

Our Veterinarians Care for Summer Cottagers in Ontario’s Lake Country

At Orillia Pet Hospital, we make it our mission to meet the needs of local pet owners as well as vacationers here in cottage country. 

If you’re spending your summer vacation here, know that we will work closely with your regular veterinarian back home to ensure that your pet receives the best care for their needs. We believe that open communication is the best way to provide thorough care to each and every pet, each and every time! 

Our dedicated veterinarians are always available to answer your questions and provide feedback to you about your concerns. Rest assured that your veterinarian from the city will always be in the loop about our treatment processes, making your pet’s transition from cottage country to home a seamless experience.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

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Dog & Cat Services

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