Arthritis Services for Pets

Establishing a treatment plan to alleviate inflammation and chronic joint pain in cats and dogs.

Arthritis is a common disease that cats and dogs develop as they get older. Your loyal companion will experience severe pain that takes away their happiness. The disease has no cure but with early detection, our team can create a treatment plan that keeps your cat or dog comfortable.

What is cat or dog arthritis?

Arthritis is inflammation in the joints. Most canine or feline companions develop the disease due to a breakdown of the cartilage separating their bones. Different factors such as age, orthopedic injury, weight and even breed can cause your loyal companion to develop arthritis.

What are some symptoms of this disease?

The disease will limit your cat or dog's movement as they suffer from inflammation of the joints and irritated nerve endings. Your cat or dog will have the following symptoms if they have arthritis:

  1. Irritability
  2. Yelping in response to being touched
  3. Weight gain
  4. Limping
  5. Trembling when they run or walk
  6. Difficulty using the stairs

If your cat or dog is displaying any of these symptoms, have a veterinarian examine them immediately. To schedule an appointment, call us at 705-325-4224.

How is arthritis treated in cats and dogs?

In order to provide quality treatment, our veterinarians will perform different tests to diagnose the disease. It is normal for our doctors to do a physical assessment as well as run X-ray scans to determine if your cat or dog has arthritis. From there, we can create a treatment plan that complements their health status and lifestyle. Treatment options may include the following:

  • Pain medication
  • Joint supplements
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Weight management
  • Surgery
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