Veterinary Exam

A routine checkup with a licensed veterinarian to examine your pet's overall well-being.

To keep your feline and canine companion healthy through all stages of their life, regular veterinary exams should be included in their care. A lot of changes will happen throughout your pet's life, some so small that they may be missed. That's why we recommend annual wellness exams. To ensure your pet is receiving care that's tailored to their age, we also offer several wellness plans that meet all your pet's basic health care needs.

Why are veterinary exams necessary?

Instead of waiting for your loyal companion to become ill they should come in for a veterinary exam every year. The health of your cat or dog is not always guaranteed which is why the doctor will check their overall health. These appointments provide an opportunity for pet owners and their veterinarian to be on the same page about the patient's care and health. We will discuss preventative measures such as vaccinations, nutrition plans, parasite prevention and more. If you have any concerns or questions about your loyal companion, this is the perfect time to share them with your veterinarian. To schedule a veterinary exam for your cat or dog reach out to us at 705-325-4224.

How often should cats and dogs have veterinary exams?

Once a year is usually the standard recommendation, however due to age or health status, your feline or canine companion may need more frequent visits. Kittens and puppies should have three veterinary visits each year and seniors should have at least two. At these ages, your loyal companion is susceptible to various illnesses because their immune system is weak or hasn't fully developed. If your cat or dog has a known health issue such as diabetes, heart disease etc., our team will recommend more veterinary exams to monitor their health and adjust their treatment and care.

What does a veterinary exam include?

Veterinary exams usually begin with a thorough check of your loyal companion's body. The veterinarian is checking for any abnormalities or reasons for concern. Some of the things we look for are lumps, bumps, and dental tartar buildup. The exam will also include some diagnostic testing, dental exam and weight check.

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